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Colorare is a fast-growing premium menswear brand reinventing men's wardrobe essentials with high-performance fabrics and smart design. Originally focused on men's essentials (jeans, shirts, blazers, suits, and outerwear), the company has grown into a lifestyle brand whose portfolio now includes sweatshirts, suits, blazers, jackets, and accessories. Colorare's innovative product offering and digitally native direct-to-consumer distribution strategy have earned industry recognition for their commitment to quality products and game-changing go-to-market strategies. Our corporate recruiting team focuses on identifying, attracting, and retaining the most talented professionals in and outside the retail industry. We work with candidates from across the country and around the world to expand the global vision and diversity of our brand. In addition to finding world-class technology and field-specific talent, our team is very focused on finding candidates who are enthusiastic, collaborative, curious, and optimistic. Enjoy shopping!